1.6 Minecraft Update – Horses, New Gear & More


1.6 Minecraft Update – Horses, New Gear & More

1.6 Minecraft Update, Minecraft Horse Update

After doing some research on the oh so trustworthy, world wide web, I have come across a few pieces of  trustworthy sources about the new 1.6 minecraft update. Recently, Minecraft hit the 10 millionth sale of the game and as a reward to the community, Jeb ( new lead developer on Minecraft ) tweeted the following:

His “subtle hint” was a picture of a woman next to a horse and obviously this means that horses will be the main feature in the 1.6 Minecraft Update. Now if that isn’t confirmation enough, Minecraftwiki happened to release some more detailed information on this new update. Here is a list of the following features that will be implemented :

Minecraft Horses

  • Ridable by right-clicking them with a saddle – Hold the jump key to fill up their jump bar, release it to jump accordingly, steer them by using the usual movement keys – maximum movement speed and jump height differ between horses
  • Have various amounts of maximum health – Use wheat to heal them
  • Drop leather when killed
  • Can be bred using wheat – Baby horses can be grown using apples, golden apples and wheat
  • Players can make them jump
  • Creation assisted by DrZhark

Along with these features, there will be some new items and blocks added to the game. Just to name a few :


  • Horse Armor
    • Exist in diamond, iron and gold variants
    • Will be found in dungeon chests [9]
  • Horse Spawn Egg
    • When used, a different horse breed is created each time
    • Works like any other spawn egg
  • Hay Blocks
    • Can be placed in all orientations
  • Leads
    • Can be used to bind mobs to fences or lead them around
    • Right click mob first, then right-click fence or right-click the mob again to get the leash back
  • Carpets
    • Crafted with 2 colors of wool in a horizontal line, yields 3 carpets
  • Name Tags
    • Found in dungeon chests
    • Name it with an anvil then right click a mob to name animals
  • Hardened Clay
    • Obtained by smelting a clay block in a furnace

Be sure to come on HaxirCraft when this update comes out because we will be one of the first servers up to date. Our ip is mc.haxircraft.com

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