Minecraft 1.7 Update – New Biomes and Fishing!


Minecraft 1.7 Update – New Biomes and Fishing!

Minecraft 1.7 Biome Update

Minecraft 1.7 Update Features

Recently there have been some not so subtle hints dropped left and right by Mojang about their upcoming update. The main feature they said they will be focusing on in this update is the various biomes including adding completely new biomes.

Here is a list of the planned features to the new Mc Update:

Mesa Biome (Canyons)

Thats right, they’re added canyon / Mesa biomes to Minecraft and its going to be awesome because it will allow more places to discover and have fun at.. There have been a few screenshots spread throughout the internet and I’ve gone ahead and gathered a few.

(Note: These images may or may not reflect the final outcome of the update, they are changing things up a lot so it may be slightly different).

New Mesa Biome

The Mesa biome is going to be similar to the Desert biome but will instead spawn red and orange clay rather than sand. Also, it will have extreme mountains that drop off for the player to attempt to scale. Cave overhangs will be a possible feature of the new biome as well to give it more of a adventurous feel. There will be absolutely no rain in this biome and will be one of the most rare biomes in the game, so good luck ever finding one.

Dead brushes will spawn in this biome along with occasionally spawning dying trees at the top of some of the mountains – challenge yourself and try to go apple hunting here!

Taiga and Mega Taiga Biomes

There are two new variations of the Cold Taiga biomes which will be mostly greenery and trees. The Mega Taiga (as seen below) will make its debut appearance in the Minecraft 1.7 Update and will be available on Minecraft 1.7 Servers of course. It will feature a few new things. For starters, the trees are absolutely massive! They will be 2×2 trees spawning left and right in a mega taiga biome that will provide you with as many logs as your heart desires.

Mega Taiga

Another cool thing about this biome is the height of the trees that grow here have also been increased. No longer will you be satisfied with your puny 1×5 tall trees because these multilevel trees will provide a great place to build a treehouse or five.

There will also be dirt blocks that do not allow grass or any time of crop to grow on top of it, so it stays looking like dirt all the time. This block will not be obtainable in any way other than using the /give command on servers or in single player commands.

New Block added, Podzol

Minecraft Podzol Block

There will be a new block found only in the mega taiga and that is PodzolThis block can only be mined using a Silk Touch tool and grass is unable to grow on top of a Podzol block. Podzol also doesn’t spread to nearby dirt blocks and any flower can be placed on it. If you place a solid block on top of this, unlike Grass and Mycelium, it will not eventually transform into a standard dirt block, regardless of how long the solid block is placed on top of it.

Mushrooms can also be placed on this block, regardless of light level, which means you can grow giant mushrooms with it (saplings and other plants can also be placed on the block).


Ice Plain Spikes Biome

Ice Plain Spikes

There have been suggestions to add a similar biome like this to give the winter biomes my dynamic feel rather than a barren wasteland so Mojang responded, may I present the Ice Plain Spikes Biome.

The Ice Plain Spikes as you can see has, well.. A snow biome with giant ice trees erupting from the ground. Not much can be said about this biome other than its just cool looking. The icicle trees you see are made up of packed ice and can spawn up to 120 blocks above ground. This is not to be confused with them being 120 blocks tall, typically that are at most, 7 blocks tall.

Roofed Forest Biome

Roofed Forest Minecraft

The Roofed Forest biome will have bigger trees that allow mobs that would normally burn in the daylight, survive under. Now, mobs may be able to spawn in a roofed forest biome when the sun is out, and if they spawned there at night and lived until day, you would have yourself a forest filled with all kinds of nasty creatures.

It is going to be one of the most constantly dark biomes in the game. While this biome will not have any new items hidden within it, there will be dark grass and giant mushrooms found within. Besides the mushroom biome, this will be the only biome that can spawn giant mushrooms naturally as well, leaving the mushroom biome to be less special now..

Honorable Mention Biomes

While we couldn’t go over all the new biomes in the game because some were just not significant or current biome upgrades, here is a quick list of what else will be found in Minecraft 1.7

  • Birch Forest
  • Flower Forest (Forest will spawn new flowers)
  • Sunflower Plains (Same as plains but spawns Sunflowers)
  • Savanna (Horses can spawn here, NPCs as well)
  • Extreme Hills+
  • Improved Jungle, Swampland, plains, Ocean and Gravel Beaches Biomes

Improvements to Fishing

Jeb has tweeted about there being major changes to fishing mechanics. More items other than simply fish can be now obtained. More fish were added as well: Raw Salmon, Clownfish, and Pufferfish.

Some of the treasures that can be found while fishing included enchanted books, saddles, and even name tags. There will also be a bunch of junk you can collect while fishing too such as bowls, leather, damaged boots or rotten flesh.

Minor Features

They have added new features to the current chat system such as a way to do things when clicking in chat, running server commands (should be really fun).

You will also be able to click and view a screenshot after you save it within the “Saved Screenshot” message that displays.

The edge of the world has been added, and its at >30,000,000 blocks (don’t worry, you’ll never reach there in your life. The blocks there will act as solid and unbreakable blocks, even the air will block your path from proceeding (which is kind of cool because modders will be able to use the invisible blocks for fun stuff hopefully).

Potion of Waterbreathing

This new potion does exactly what you think it does… MAKES YOU A FISH!

Okay not really but it does give you the ability to breathe underwater like a fish so, close enough. Here is a screenshot of it.

Potion of Waterbreathing recipe

In order to get this lovely potion, you’re gonna go have to gather some pufferfish. It will enable you to breathe underwater without having to go up for air for 3 minutes.

My favorite feature they will add is they are fixing the zombie lag. For those of you who don’t know, the current build of Minecraft has a new pathfinding feature of the zombie which, when you get somewhere the zombie can’t physically get to you, creates slight lag. Now multiply that by about 20 zombies and you have an entire server at your mercy.. Not really but it is a real pain for players around you.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our Minecraft Server, it will be updated to 1.7 as soon as it becomes available for servers. The ip is mc.haxircraft.com , hope to see you around!

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