1.6 Minecraft Faction Server Updated! Horse Armor!


1.6 Minecraft Faction Server Updated! Horse Armor!

Minecraft 1.6 Hunger Games Pvp


HaxirCraft Network has been updated to 1.6 Minecraft Faction Server!

There has been a 24 hour rollback as thats when we planned the last backup.

Our 1.6 Minecraft Faction Server has recently been changed over to the new Update of MC and here are the known features that have been added to this update of Minecraft:

  • Horses!
  • Mules/DonkeysMinecraft Horse 1.6 Update
  • Leashes /Leads
  • Horse Armor
  • Carpet
  • Name Tags
  • New XP Bar (Press SPACE while mounted on a horse)

There are some more features but whats the fun in spoiling all that?
Somethings you should take into consideration when playing for the next few days of this release:

We are currently running on the only available and extremely buggy versions of minecraft. As time goes on ( probably by the 5th of July) there will be more stable release and updates (less lag and disconnects), so please, don’t blame the server for any bugs or glitches, the version we have to use is extremely new and riddled with errors.

The Minecraft 1.6 Update has also been launched on our new host!

After many complaints about lag and disconnecting issues, we have researched and decided to switch to a new host after 7 long months.

The new host is a tad more expensive but it is more reliable and much faster which makes it all worth it. To see a full list of features, click here.

Enjoy the new server and new features! The IP is still mc.haxircraft.com , we have changed over all the DNS and no action is required on your part. Thanks!


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