Our MCPVP Server Stands Out From All Others


Our MCPVP Server Stands Out From All Others

mcpvp server
Are you looking for a great MCPVP server? If you are then HaxirCraft has got all the answers you have been looking for. We have a series of PVP servers all loaded with custom plugins to make your Minecraft playing experience even greater. Our huge community of players from all over the world and excellent staff are guaranteed to leave all players more than satisfied with the services we provide. We have multiple game modes to satisfy all gaming needs and with plenty of staff members to provide for our growing player base, there’s always a staff available and even if there isn’t you can usually contact us over skype and we’ll resolve your issue. Our server comes with the option to purchase ranks and kits, you’ll have endless fun on our MCPVP gameserver!

What we have on our Minecraft Multiplayer

Some of the features of our servers include;

  • Combat log prevention so that players die if they disconnect during combat
  • Safe and simple spawn design to get players into the world without getting spawn camped
  • Warps to players so they don’t have to walk everywhere
  • Advanced tracking so that you can track down and raid/kill any player online
  • Different types of accounts with different features to suit all players and skill levels

As previously mentioned, HaxirCraft hosts amazing game modes on its MCPVP servers like CTF and Factions as well as hardcore PVP and many more game modes are still in development. Be part of a larger server community of Minecraft lovers which offers several modes to ensure that you will never get bored whilst playing your favorite game.

Our hardcore pvp server is custom coded and differs slightly from the original plugin. In our version, you can choose a kit from the many we have, mine your materials and fight. The last man standing wins. Are you an attacker? A miner? Or a team player? With the many kits we have to choose from, you can easily decide on your strategy for the game and with so many people online playing on HaxirCraft servers you can learn a great deal about building your own strategy.

Win a game on MCPVP and have bragging rights over players from around the world. Alternatively team up with them to win the game and share the glory. The choice is yours. This is the kind of flexibility HaxirCraft offers you. Minecraft is a game that involves plenty of strategy and we also offer tips and tricks to get the upper hand. You will have an edge over the even more experienced Minecraft players with our advice because we know what we are talking about from the vast experience we have in the Minecraft arena.

Don’t worry if you are experiencing any technical difficulties. Simply contact us and our friendly and courteous staff will take care of you. As you may know, playing on HaxirCraft may need some getting used to and if you get stuck at any point let us help you out. We offer you service like no other in the MCPVP realm.

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